The Model Cars for Sir Stirling Moss

Early in the 1960's, RRC 'Rob' Walker asked Henri to make a model of the Cooper that Stirling Moss drove for the Walker Racing Team. It was for Stirling's Birthday present. Henri did so, see below.

I understand from Sir Stirling that this model, with the Lotus (below) that Henri made, sit by him on his desk at all times.

The 1958 Cooper-Climax

Henri's model of the 1958 Cooper-Climax

in which Stirling Moss won so many Grand Prix

Henri with Stirling's Birthday present Cooper

Rob Walker's Birthday present 1958 Cooper Climax for Stirling Moss a cutting from The Times, click to enlarge

The Lotus 18/21

Henri with Lotus 18/21 when completed

the Lotus 18/21 after refurbishment during 1960's

Stirling Moss in the Lotus 18/21 in which he won the German GP at Nurbergring in 1961

above, cuttings from L-R, from The Times, The Bournemouth Echo Sept 62, and The Bournemouth Times Dec 62,

click to enlarge

Sir Stirling Moss's Mercedes Coupe by Henri's Workshop around 1969


The Unfinished 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost chassis frame and rear suspension, part completed

left, the full-size head-lights; centre, cutting from unknown source; and right, headlights parts

1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost front axle-beam

 spring-leaves ready for assembly

centre of wheel assembled

 wheels and tyres assembled on Rolls Royce drawing

 engine parts during construction



 small parts including spark-plug. note: this a metric rule!

 some idea of the size of the nuts and bolts used for construction


speedometer, badge and ball-races


 the radiator drilling-jig

I was still at school and 17, just, when I first saw Stirling Moss drive a racing car. I was very impressed. He was in a time-trial event in Dorset. He had a tremendous tussle with the ebullient Onslo Bartlett who was driving a car much bigger and more powerful than Stirling's little 500cc Keift, and I am fairly sure that Onslo was driving a large Allard that was supercharged. Stirling was very smooth and quick, and eventually triumphed, if I remember correctly. The beginnings of truly great career which I have always followed with great admiration. Nobody better, according to Henri. His exciting, but very smooth, driving technique was so good that he really impressed me whenever I watched him race, such as meetings at Goodwood and Silverstone.

I first met Stirling Moss at The Model Engineer Exhibition in London during 1951, see Track Racing. His name was in the news frequently by that time and the press and TV were present. He raced a model of the new BRM on our large show rail-track with several other racing drivers, each having a different car. He sat opposite me at lunch and ordered lobster salad, so I did too as I had never had lobster in my life. I did not know what to do with it, so I followed his every movement and kept just behind him, a position that many drivers found themselves in during his racing career. I was inspired, and felt most honoured to sit and speak with him. I was still in the Royal Air Force and enjoyed some free drinks while I recounted my experiences in the bar when I returned to the squadron. I appeared with him on the Pathe Newsreel at our cinema but I was on duty so I missed it, a real pity that, but I heard a lot about it from my colleagues after. We were on BBC Television too, but I did not have access to a TV set, so I missed that as well.