The 1919 Sports 2-Seater Hillman

Early 1963 Henri started a project for Mr C T Black. It was a 1919 Sports 2-seater Hillman registration number DN 2946. According to historic records this was the car that was driven by Raymond Mays and George Redford. The model was 1/6 scale, that is 24in long x 9in high. Mr Black provided the original blueprints for Henri to work from.

I did not see much of this model being built, so it would be appropriate if I quote the article in Model Cars, July 1966, by the great D J Laidlaw-Dickson, the Editor-Director:

"Lest anyone should accuse Henri Baigent of only building the really glamorous cars of yesteryear, here is his latest--a one-sixth scale version of the 1919 2-seater Sports Hillman, just finished for client C J Black.....Materials as full-size, brakes complete and working, steering complete, headlights operate from the correct switch on the dash. Tyres 710 x 19 inch....."

I did see the finished model and I can only say that the photos don't give enough idea of the finish and detail of this model, and Henri made every single thing in his own workshop. It was finished in cream and black as the original.

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cutting from the Bournemouth Evening Echo Mar 31st 1966