The Connaught A-series

During the 1950s, Henri built several Connaught Grand Prix 2-litre Fuel-injection models from the A-series for David Brown, who backed Connaught. They were all one-twelfth scale. An article written by Henri was published in the Model Maker Magazine about the first A1, see here. They had the usual hand-beaten aluminium bodies. A lot of trouble was taken with the details. The A10 had its fully working suspension made to the actual works drawings. The works were very helpful in providing Henri with all the chassis drawings. Under the bonnet the power-units were detailed. Rob Walker had one of these models for round-the-pole racing, but does anyone know the whereabouts any of the others? I would be pleased to have any leads. In the picture below you can see the suspension under load on the near-side front. The article from Model Maker for Sept 1955 will show the details and photos of the A1. The other pictures on this page and in the article were taken by Henri with his homemade camera.

Connaught A1, click on article image to enlarge


 above the A10. These four photos were taken by Henri with his home-made camera, see here.

Tony Rolt driving an A-series Connaught at Crystal Palace May 1953.